Isalex Specialist Insurance Applications

Using Contingency web site, we have found an invaluable tool to meet our needs in the Contingency insurance field.Its functionality, well designed environment and friendly use have helped us since the beginning to achieve our goals in terms of client's satisfaction.

Its quality standards, very accurate rates, and clear wordings have made our clients feel very confident, in fact, more than 75 % of them have used at least twice.Moreover every single suggestion made, has been taken in consideration and assumed throughout the Contingency web site posterior evolutions.

Finally, the new functionalities will for sure, help us more than before for generate new and higher revenues.
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Used to being told what can't be done?

We work differently. Bringing together extensive Insurance knowledge direct with IT experts, we have not yet come across an online Insurance function we have been unable to cater for.

Our system is a modular based platform providing a seamless end to end Insurance transactional service adaptable for specialist classes of Insurance on a Global basis. The platform provides access for locally licensed retail, wholesale or reinsurance Brokers to trade direct with Underwriters and bind online in their respective Country without being approved Binding Authority holders.

The platform is an electronic alternative for the complete Binding Authority process benefitting both Underwriters and Brokers with the many features detailed on this site.

Our first platform for Event Cancellation and Non-Appearance business has been running successfully since 2006 and is now used by Agents in over 20 Countries.

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